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Trusted Practical Reliable Business Compliance Resources

We have the resources you need for all small business compliance concerns: Business entity compliance, HR compliance, and Contract compliance.  Rely on our experience for your success!
Get In TouchSmall Business 101

Trusted Practical Reliable Business Compliance Resources

We have the resources you need for all small business compliance concerns: Business entity compliance, HR compliance, and Contract compliance.  Rely on our experience for your success!
Get In TouchSmall Business 101

Business Compliance Resources

Is your business compliant? Are you looking for resources that you can trust? We are here to help educate and be a resource for all business compliance questions. Use our resources to get started on the right track.

Business Entities

Strategic planning is essential to form and protect your business.  Understand your maintenance obligations to stay compliant.

HR Compliance

Be a smart employer and don’t let your Human Resources management take a back seat to other pressing matters.


Create legal contracts that align with your business. Avoid misunderstandings with appropriate documentation.

Resources & Learning Center


Small Biz 101

Evaluating Employee Performance

Your business’s human capital in employee performance is extremely important. Your employees are the ones…
May 31, 2022
Small Biz 101

Are You a Bully at Work?

Growing up, we learn early on that there is something about human nature that tends…
May 18, 2022
Small Biz 101

Employment Lawsuits: The Potential Bomb to Your Business.

If there is one thing that we have learned over the last few years, it…
May 5, 2022
Small Biz 101

Employee, or Independent Contractor, That is the Question…

Most people are likely familiar with Shakespeare’s famous line, “To be, or not to be,…
April 4, 2022
Small Biz 101

Independent Contractors and Contracts

Peter Parker is the superhero vigilante Spiderman by night, Daily Bugle photographer by day. What…
March 22, 2022
Small Biz 101

Workplace Safety: 12 Steps to Prepare for an OSHA Inspection

Besides the undesirability of enduring an OSHA safety inspection, a critical component of a responsible business…
March 8, 2022

Need Legal Assistance?

The last thing you want from a legal partner helping with your small business is hassle. Our sister company Avanta focuses on serving you with reliable expertise, clear guidance, and well-drafted documents so you can be confident that your business is compliant.

As an entrepreneur, you have a lot on your plate, and your time is valuable.  Get the right guidance when you need it.

  • Streamlined for you from any location.
  • Upfront fees
  • Accessible information from experts 24/7

Thankful for Dana’s legal advice and insight for my business. She gave me great ideas and resources to resolve legal issues. Will be recommending her to others!

Ty EricksonBusiness Owner

Dana was very helpful and informative in preparing us for legal action! She was easy to talk to, and we appreciate the consultation and recommendations of an attorney more specialized in the area we needed! Dana is very knowledgeable and also appreciated her quick response.

Carol Tanner

Dana knows what she knows and will make it known if something is outside of her wheelhouse. Highly recommend.

Paul Johnston

Dana was so incredibly helpful in answering all of my questions. I run a small design business and she was able to lay out everything I needed to make sure I was covered in every aspect of my business. Which I would have over-looked other wise. Dana and her whole staff is friendly and will treat you with respect. Thanks Dana Ball!

Kaley West

Frequently Asked Questions

Everybody Matters

Drama Can be Crushing

Drama Equals Lawsuits

Focus: Your Eyes off Business

  • Instead of Forward Thinking, You are Backward Thinking
  • Meetings to Handle Lawsuit, Not Meetings on Business
  • Correspondence is Distracting
  • Customer Service Equals Not a Priority
  •  Current Employees Pulled Away from Job Duties

Time Consuming (Effects) Equals Years

  • It Will Last 2-5 Years
  • Emotional Well Being
  •  Leadership
  •  Financial Strain on the Cash Flow
  • Easy to Make Mistakes Equals More Stress

Uncertainty of Future of the Business

  • Instability Fulfilling Orders or Services
  •  Confidence as Owner
  • Protecting a Minimal Value
  • Credibility to Get Loans
  • Growth is Changed

 Cost Equals Attorney

  • Social Media
  • Severance for Employees Early Buyout of Business Partner
  • Utilizing Insurance which May or May Not Cover Expenses
  • Attorney Fee’s
  • Plaintiff Damages or Settlement

Morale, Employees, Relationships, Owner and Family

Reputation is Damaged

  • Loyalty of Employees
  • Loyalty of Customers
  • Loyalty of Peers
  • Family

Civility is Good for Business

  • Partners Family Members
  • Employees
  • Independent Contractors
  • Customers or Patients
  • Third Parties


Contracts Legal Entities

Form LLC or Corporation

  •  Maintain LLC or Corporation
  •  Legal Advice Vs. Online
  •  Contracts
  •  Client Service Agreements
  •  Communication Document Consent

 Verbal Conversations

  • Email or Human Resource System
  • Consent Forms
  •  Online Review
  • Contracts

 Don’t be Rude

Introduce People

  •  Call People Back
  • Reply to Emails
  • Focus on Speaker
  •  Follow Through.

Simple Systems

HR Compliance


  • Hiring
  • Onboarding
  • Evaluating
  • Separation

Running a Business System Operations


  • Financials
  • HR
  •  Day to Day
  •  Emergency Preparedness

 Ready to Sell

Buyers Buy Systems

  • Buyers Don’t Buy Messes
  • Valuations Value is What Buyer Willing to Pay
  • Do I Really Need a Letter of Intent? Non-Disclosure Agreements.
  • Don’t be Shocked by Attorney Fees

You the Business Owner


  • Business Owner
  • Business Owner Sets Expectations
  • Supervisors
  • Employees
  • Is My Business Drama Free?

Business Health Check Up

  • Why do Employees Leave and Why?
  • How Do You Show Up with Other Business Professionals?
  • Appreciation Counts
  • Bring It On!
  • Story Ahead

Areas to learn about:

  • Why Plain Language Agreements limit misunderstandings
  • Maintenance Made Easy for your legal entities and
  • Pay attention to civility and training supervisors 

Let's Get You On Track

How would your business survive a lawsuit costing $150k+ and lasting 2-3 years? You can’t control that one person who wants to sue you, but you can make it very difficult for any legal action to be successful. It’s up to you on how prepared you are.

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