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Dana’s 20 years of experience brings value and relief to small business owners with practical advice they can immediately implement into their day-to-day operations. Dana has made the whole process of having access to a lawyer easy and affordable with set pricing, ongoing legal support, and timely consultations to get your questions answered so you can get back to running your business. Dana works with clients who care about their business and want to avoid:

Early Days

Dana grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah and she has always had a love for business. Her first business venture was at the age of 6 when she sold napkins to the guests at her sister’s wedding! Oops . . . but she was proud to show her mom all the money she made that night as the flower girl. Then her first “real” job was at the age of 12 where she cleaned toilets and dusted the furniture working in her family’s Scandinavian furniture store. During high school, she was not your typical high school student with lots of free time instead, she worked at the store everyday after school and all day Saturdays. She probably complained at the time but, today Dana understands the hard work required to run a successful business.

One other interesting fact about Dana is that she spent her junior year of high school living in Chateauroux, France as a Rotary exchange student.

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Dana graduated from Olympus High School in 1989 and went on to attend the University of Utah. During college, while she continued working for the family business, she saw firsthand the financial stress on her family that comes with the general operations of running a business and handling employee matters. Often Dana was the one the employees came to with questions and she enjoyed bringing employee issues to her dad and brother for resolution. Dana also volunteered at the Salt Lake Rape Crisis Center while in college. She was trained to answer calls to the crisis line from individuals with extremely awful and dangerous situations. In 1995, she graduated from the University of Utah with two Bachelor of Art degrees in Organizational Communication and French.

She learned early that problems don’t go away on their own and this is why she can help you avoid small issues from turning into full blown legal matters.

Compliance Strategy Call

Law School

She also participated on Golden Gate University law school’s Moot Court team for the National Appellate Advocacy competition. Her team was chosen to present oral arguments in the National competition held in Los Angeles, California. While a third year law student, she recruited 60 fellow students and founded a new student group for the Student Bar Association called the Labor & Employment Law Group. Overall, Dana’s experience on the employee side is a huge benefit to her current small business clients.

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During law school, Dana gained extensive experience with Employment Law matters while working at:
the San Francisco & San Jose District Office of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC);
the headquarters of the National Employment Lawyers Association (NELA);
the California Labor Commissioner’s office;
the Women’s Employment Rights Clinic (WERC); and
as a research assistant for law school professor David Oppenheimer.

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