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Is your business compliant? Do you feel lost as a business owner? Maybe feeling a bit stressed that there’s something you were supposed to do with a legal entity that you didn’t realize? Let’s put your mind at ease. Check out the topics we cover where you can find free resources at your convenience, 24/7.

Business Entities

Thoughtful planning is essential to properly form and protect your business.  Understand your maintenance obligations to stay compliant.

HR Compliance

Be a smart employer and don’t let your Human Resources management take a back seat to other pressing matters.


Getting a handle on all the different types of documents your business needs is the first step. Then, review each to determine if the terms are written in plain language and that they accurately reflect your business. Avoid misunderstandings with appropriate documentation.

Be Strategic With Business Compliance

We give you resources to stay compliant with legal entity maintenance, contracts, and employer obligations.  Rely on our experience for your success!  Dana Ball has over 20 years of experience as a business attorney and business owner.  Whether you are just getting started or have been in business for years, it’s always the right time to protect your business. Contact us today for a compliance strategy call.

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Compliance Strategy Call

Lawsuits can take a toll, it is distracting and can put you out of business. Get in touch with Dana today and save your business the setback a lawsuit poses.

Here are measures you can take to protect your business:

According to recent statistics, small businesses make up 99.7% of the workforce in the United States.  Small businesses are important to the economy and we need you to be successful in running your business. Small businesses are also prone to common and avoidable legal mistakes. The two primary reasons why small businesses end up in court is from problems with either contracts or employees.


Avoid the use of online form templates

With quick information and forms on the internet, it’s easy to think we can handle any legal issue ourselves. Stop yourself before you make a mess of your business. As a business owner, it’s essential to understand that there are some legal issues that absolutely require the assistance of an attorney. An experienced attorney can keep you from getting into trouble in the first place.

Protect your personal assets

Business owners often choose to form a corporation or a limited liability company to avoid personal obligation for business debts and liabilities. But sometimes the courts hold the owners personally liable. However, courts are less likely to hold you personally liable if you properly maintain and operate the entity. The biggest mistake you can make is co-mingling business and personal funds or assets!

Be careful with employee compliance

You must also comply with a host of laws that define your relationship with your employees. This includes hiring, on-boarding, performance, termination, training, payroll record keeping, anti-discrimination, along with wage and hour requirements.

Document everything

Document conversations by sending a follow-up email. Emails provide a timestamp, give the other party an opportunity to clear up any misunderstanding, and puts it in writing. Save these emails in a place where there’s no chance of data getting lost, in case you might need them. Having a stack of emails to support your version of events will go a long way to minimize the damage from a legal mess.

Address complaints timely

Timeliness is a secret weapon to avoid small complaints from turning into full-blown lawsuits. Don’t ignore complaints from customers, employees, or anyone else, hoping the issues will go away or work themselves out.

Seek legal advice early, especially with Contracts

If you wait for a crisis before talking to an attorney, it might be too late, an annual check-up with your small business attorney is a great way to prevent this. Doing so can reveal traps and provide tips to keep you in business for the long haul.

Don’t End Up In Court

How would your business survive a lawsuit costing $150k+ and lasting 2-3 years? You can’t control that one person who wants to sue you, but you can make it very difficult for any legal action to be successful. It’s up to you on how prepared you are. Small businesses deserve all the encouragement they can get, however, 20% of small businesses close down in the first four years of business. Sad, right? This could be avoided. Litigation causes more damage than good. Even if you do have enough insurance to cover the costs involved in a litigation suit, there are many other factors that money cannot help. These include:

  • The emotional cost
  • The cost of time away from running the business
  • The cost of lost reputation
  • Loss of staff
Compliance Strategy Call

How Compliant Is Your Small Business?

Today, we live in an era of economic and financial volatility where small businesses have their work cut out for them. It’s a daily challenge to keep your small business competitive while hitting sales and generating profits. In a bid to stay in business, it is vital to carry out routine checks on your business.

On completion of this routine checkup, the challenges and problems the business is facing should be identified. The next step is to layout strategic plans that will help put the business in order. An attorney should be your first point of call for this exercise.

These regular checks help in ascertaining the profitability of your business by:
  • Figuring out who your professional advisors are which should comprise people from other professions such as lawyer, accountant, insurance advisor, and a business coach.
  • Ensuring that your business documents still suit your business needs as your business advances and grows. This should include reviewing and updating if necessary: the entity agreements (Operating or Shareholder), employee handbook, any policies, and procedures.
  • Updating state and local licenses, permits, and terms of use sections.
  • Conducting scheduled training for employees to help them understand their roles and responsibilities. This will help them stay informed on any policy changes; update to job descriptions, and keep you in legal compliance with EEO regulations.

Don't Wait! Protect Your Business Today!

How would your business survive a lawsuit costing $150k+ and lasting 2-3 years? You can’t control that one person who wants to sue you, but you can make it very difficult for any legal action to be successful. It’s up to you on how prepared you are.

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