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Let’s Clear Up Some Confusion About Emergency Paid Leave

Dana Ball: Why You Need Emergency Paid Leave Policies

I went live on YouTube and Facebook this morning to clear up some confusion about the employer’s obligations under Emergency Paid Leave.  Click HERE to watch the video about why we have put together a package of model emergency paid leave policies and forms.  

Here are the bullet points if you want to skip the video.  EMPLOYERS MUST:

  • Distribute a written policy to all employees that: (1) explains the employee’s rights with emergency paid leave and (2) how the employer will handle such leave requests.
  • Document the leave request so a form makes it easy for an employee or supervisor to fill out.
  • Document how the leave request is handled which the easiest way is through email.
  • Consult with attorneys, CPAs, and payroll companies when calculating emergency paid leave and with questions on whether an employee’s circumstances will qualify the employee for emergency paid leave.
  • Keep your documentation in order and accessible to prove compliance and to use for tax credits.
  • Our goal is to make this easier for business owners to be compliant. 
  • Your goal is to be compliant. 
  • You need written policies and forms to be compliant.  

We’ve tried to make it easy and affordable for you to be compliant with Model COVID-19 Policy Forms you can order from us HERE.

If you are still looking for more guidance or clarity then check out the following:

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  3. Or we’ve got 3 recorded webinars you could watch:

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