Single Member LLC Package


Form a Utah single-member LLC with the help of an attorney for only $750.



Setting up your legal entity right from the start will give you peace of mind in running your business. We prepare and file the registration documents for you. You will have an attorney help to answer your questions all along the way.  This package INCLUDES meeting with an attorney by video call to review the registration documents. Every step of registering an LLC can be tricky.  Set up your LLC right with our help to understand the considerations required by the state of Utah.  Here is a list of documents included with the LLC package: Articles of Organization; Operating Agreement; Organizational Consent Forms; and EIN. Additionally, you will also receive an LLC Owner’s Manual.  The LLC Owner’s Manual is invaluable to use as a guide in maintaining the legal entity for the life of your business. The state of Utah fees for reserving the name and filing the registration documents are INCLUDED in the package price. You will not be charged any additional fees. 


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Setting up your legal entity right from the start will give you peace of mind in running your business. We give you the personal help you need at an affordable price to form a Single-Member LLC. We take care of forming your new single-member Utah limited liability company by preparing and filing the registration documents. We are available to answer any questions you have along the way! This package INCLUDES meeting with an attorney by video call to review the registration documents. The documents we provide are customized to suit your needs: Articles of Organization; Operating Agreement; Initial Consent Form; Organizational Consent Forms to use as Templates going forward; and EIN. You will also receive an LLC Owner’s Manual to use as a guide in maintaining the legal entity. Fees payable to the State of Utah for reserving the name and filing the registration documents are INCLUDED in the package price. You will not be charged any additional fees.

What if you already have a Single-Member LLC, but you don’t have an Operating Agreement or Consent Forms?  Don’t worry, we have a Maintenance package just for you.  CLICK HERE!


Here’s what you can expect once you place your order:

    • We email you a questionnaire to fill out to help us prepare your registration documents.

    • We reserve the business name and start completing the registration.

    • We contact you if any questions come up with the registration.

    • You will have a video call with an attorney to review the registration, answer any questions you have, and to review how to maintain the LLC going forward.

    • After consulting with the attorney, we will finalize and register your Single Member LLC.

    • Finally, we send you an electronic binder with all executed documents, Consent form templates, an LLC Owner’s Manual, and a video link to learn how to maintain the LLC with the documentation.

    • Please Note: If you place an online order, YOU must be the individual who will be listed as the “owner” of the LLC.  We will only communicate with and form an LLC for the individual who will be listed as the owner of the LLC.  If after placing the order, we discover that you are not going to be listed as the owner, then we will refund your purchase and terminate the order. 
  • "I have been working with Dana and her team for a little over a year now and our experience has been top notch. She was rigorous in helping our Business, Seven Brothers Burgers, create a refined organization and structure in which we could operate effectively. I highly recommend Dana and her team to anyone looking for legal expertise."

    -Sterling H.
  • “Operations is all about process and procedure. Whether it is sales, warehouse or accounting related, it is important to understand the goals and direction of everyone you interact with so as to be most efficient. In order to be successful the whole must be greater than the sum of its parts.”

    —Matt Davis, COO, Walker Edison 
  • I am a senior partner in the law firm of Esplin | Weight. Dana Ball practiced with our firm from 2006 until 2009. During the time Dana was with the firm, I had many opportunities to observe her representation of her clients and to consult with her on issues involving employment law involving my own clients. I always felt confident in referring clients to her and received many favorable comments from those clients about Dana’s representation. She was very successful in obtaining positive outcomes for her clients. When Dana decided to take a hiatus from law practice to raise her family, we felt the loss of her contribution to the firm and our clients. On several occasions since she left the practice I have attempted to convince her to return to the firm and have conveyed the fact that if Dana ever wanted to return we would welcome her. I fully endorse Dana as a competent, caring and experienced attorney and intend to use her as a referral source for my clients who need the type of services she is offering.

  • "One thing that is different about Dana versus other attorneys, is I knew right away how much it was going to cost me.  Having that peace of mind as a small business owner that budget matters was really helpful.  She's really in it to help small business owners."

    -Angie Villager Magazine
  • I worked with Dana Ball Legal to set up a small freelance business. The process was easy, efficient, and very affordable. It also gave me peace of mind working with a lawyer who had extensive knowledge of everything that needed to be done to start a new business. Now I can feel confident that my new business is set up properly and legally!”

  • Dana awesome to work with. She genuinely cares about you and your company.

  • I have been blown away by Dana and her team. Dana is personable and truly wants to help small business owners reach their full potential while ensuring they are legally set up and functioning. I have no idea how we would have started our small business this year without her counsel. She has been patient with me as I have made mistakes and she has gently guided me to resolve mistakes or learn from them. Additionally she has been intuitive about my needs and willing to adjust from her set course to better fit my needs.  She has been worth every penny! And we will keep her as part of our business team for many years to come! Thanks Dana Ball!

  • Dana and her staff were fantastic to work with! We are currently out of the country, and Dana made herself available via video to explain all of the legal documents for our business. She was professional, detail oriented, and addressed all of our questions and concerns. I would recommend her to any small business looking to get started.

  • I was so grateful to work with such an amazing professional while starting up my new business. Dana personally took care of all my needs and answered the myriad of questions I had in a timely and professional manner. I have referred several of my friends to her and they have reported receiving the same quality of care. I am grateful to have such a trustworthy person as part of my professional team.

  • Had a great experience with them. Very professional at all times. I was impressed with how quickly they responded to my questions. They always made sure I was happy with my experience and very good at promptly getting back to me. I would highly recommend them to anyone.


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