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At Dana Ball Legal Services, I care about your business the same way I care about my own. I make it my job to see that important aspects of your operations don’t get left behind. One of the ways I do that is by helping you prepare for litigation that may never happen.  Taking steps now to avoid a lawsuit will save you from much heartache later.

Everyone has “lawsuit” potential

Unfortunately, you need to operate your business as if anyone you come into contact with could end up filing a lawsuit against you. Many times, it’s someone you probably wouldn’t think of. Nevertheless, you must always be on your guard, because at some point during your business, you likely to be involved in a lawsuit (hopefully only once).

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Be prepared by being in control

Because you can’t control other people, there’s only one thing you CAN control in order to avoid a lawsuit: you. You can control yourself as the business owner and how you manage and operate your business day-to-day.

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We want to give you practical advice that you can use right away in your day-to-day operations to avoid a full-blown lawsuit. Get in touch with us for more details on exactly how. You can also subscribe for weekly broadcasts on keeping your business out of court.

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