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Free Guide on Workplace Training

Uncover how to do training that works.

How often do you conduct workplace trainings, if at all?  Uncover exactly how to avoid being the latest headline with the Guide to Getting Workplace Training Right.  It’s time to change how we typically handle workplace harassment trainings.  This free guide will show you how to conduct a training that works to reduce unlawful behavior.

We are so excited to announce that we have started another company, called ZOTERIA.  The name Zoteria comes from the Greek Mythology goddess, Soteria who was the goddess of safety, deliverance and the preservation of harm.  Business owners have a duty to protect the business from harm and to preserve the livelihood of those involved in the business.  Thus, Zoteria offers convenient online business training on the legal compliance necessary to safeguard your business.

Don’t take any chances and put your business at risk.  Compliance training applies to every company no matter the industry or size.  Even so, every company is a bit different.  We have created an online training that can be done at your convenience and in a way that works with your company culture.

3 things set this training apart from your other options:

  • START WITH SUPERVISORS!  Training begins with your Front Line, all supervisors (includes you the business owner).  Supervisors are usually the first ones to hear about unlawful behavior.  They can put your company on the hook for liability, based on their actions or their inactions, so it is key to make sure your supervisors are trained.
  • REALITY CHECK DISCUSSIONS!  Every workplace is unique, your culture is unique, so the workplace training needs to fit with your particular workplace environment.  These are guided discussions relevant to your specific organization.
  • CIVILITY!  It’s time to bring civility back to the workplace.  Incivility is the incubator for a lot of the claims that are filed. Civility is good for business and so are workplace trainings.

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