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23950170 - retro black telephone on table in front mint green backgroundCertain old-fashioned things are quaint. Phone booths. Rolodexes. Men wearing hats. But other things are so old-fashioned, they can get you into trouble (like a car without seatbelts). And if your small business – and its legal support – doesn’t keep up with the times, you can find yourself in very big trouble indeed.

We’re here to help

Dana Ball Legal Services is on the cutting edge of legal knowledge and technology. We’ve said “goodbye” to the old way of practicing law. We use today’s tech so business owners have access to an attorney in a timely manner.

Legal support where you need it

We also provide legal support throughout the state of Utah. With today’s technology, we’re able to save clients valuable time using Zoom video to meet “face to face,” or review documents together by screen share. The likelihood is also high that we can schedule a consultation with you in one to two days. So we’re there for you no matter where you’re located, including cities such as Logan, Salt Lake, Park City, Richfield, Provo, St. George and more.

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We want to give you practical advice that you can use right away in your day-to-day operations to avoid a full-blown lawsuit. Get in touch with us for more details on exactly how. You can also subscribe for weekly broadcasts on keeping your business out of court.