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78261471_M If you’ve ever listened to one of my Dana Ball Legal Services broadcasts, you know that I usually try and pick one simple thing that can keep your small business out of hot water. In fact, sometimes that “one thing” is so simple, you wonder why you didn’t think of it before!

The simplest things can spell big trouble

One of the things small business owners often neglect to look at closely is how to classify employees. To illustrate the importance of these classifications, here’s a cautionary tale I want your business to be aware of.

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There was an instance of the Utah DOL (Department of Labor) going after a construction company for misclassifying 133 workers as independent contractors. Those 133 people should have been paid overtime because they were really employees. The price tag for that mistake cost the business overtime compensation for all the employees involved – PLUS liquidated damages equal to the overall overtime pay owed.

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