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Americans have an enduring fascination with the British Royal Family, and now that Prince Harry has chosen Meghan Markle for marriage, the news cycle has again been filled with all things royal.

As the Royal Family continues to expand through marriage and children, so do your employees’ clans, albeit at a less publicized rate. Life events like these deserve extra care, so your employees feel supported and legal obligations are met.

In the case of marriage or divorce, here are a few things to check:

  • Names. Be sure to update your records for payroll, benefits and more. Obtain a copy of their updated Social Security card and driver’s license as part of this process.
  • Benefits needs. Be ready to address insurance and other benefits change requests in a timely manner. Beneficiary information may also need to change in keeping with the employee’s new status.
  • Payroll information. If you offer direct deposit, be sure you have current banking information on hand. Some couples choose to combine finances after the big day. And, in the case of divorce, court orders may dictate handling of finances. Be ready to help your team member comply with a judge’s decision, if needed.
  • Emergency contacts and home address. It’s likely that in either case, your employee will want to have an updated contact on file.

And there are some special considerations when an employee welcomes a little one into their life:18068369 - hand the sleeping baby in the hand of mother close-up

  • Parental leave. Be sure your policy is in line with applicable laws, is documented and that your employee is informed as far in advance as possible.
  • Nursing provisions. Ensure your policies are current and in keeping with the law.
  • Childcare. If you have any arrangements with a local childcare provider, be sure to share them with your employee, so they can consider the option when selecting childcare for working hours.

You’ve invested in your employees and naturally want to help them with life’s transitions. Our affordable, practical solutions at Dana Ball Legal Services can help you treat your team like royals during these times. Call us today – we can’t wait to join your team!