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Olympic fever is back, and here in Utah, the Winter Games make us especially excited. Our hometown favorites are wished well in media, on yard signs and on social media as they skate, ski, slalom and snowboard their way to glory.

18498051 - young skater performs on the ice in the background lights lightingBut these heroes of the games had to start somewhere, and they got where they are today by surrounding themselves with the right team. Coaches, nutritionists and even sports psychologists contribute to the competitive edge that can mean a podium finish on the world stage.

If you’re considering starting your own journey to greatness in business, you’ll want the right team at your side:

  • Start with someone who knows how to navigate local and state government regulations to get your business set up properly.
  • Add someone who knows how to recruit, retain and, if necessary, exit employees in observance with current legal standards.
  • An accountant should also be in your lineup; after all, what good is making money if you don’t manage your cashflow?
  • If you’re going into business with a longtime friend or family member, seek the counsel of a professional who can minimize the risk inherent to these types of arrangements.
  • Finish your team with someone who has successfully started and run their own small business and who can offer you solid advice as you pursue your dream.

Think this team has to cost a fortune? While Olympic hopefuls may break the bank on their support teams, you don’t have to. Enter a small business lawyer, a professional who can serve many of the roles listed above at upfront, affordable rates. To get your own small business legal support and “super coach,” contact Dana Ball Legal Services today.