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No one gets into business because they want to be in a lawsuit. I’m sure that you are no different. Naturally, you want to avoid this type of worst-case scenario. See how you can with down-to-earth advice from an attorney who truly understands your needs and concerns.

An attorney who knows what you’re going through

Dana Ball is an attorney that works for small companies just like you. Dana believes that small companies are the underdogs of the business world. Their owners care deeply about what they’ve built up, and often have to put out constant “fires” as they arise.

That’s a lot for anyone to have on their plate. You’re peppered with questions all day long, not to mention the state and federal regulations you must comply with. The sheer number of hats you wear could fill a dozen closets.

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Real attorneys, real people

We are just like you. Personally, Dana is a mom, a sister, a wife, and a daughter. And she’s actually owned several small businesses herself. So if there’s one group of people who get where you’re coming from, you can find them at Dana Ball Legal Services.

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We want to give you practical advice that you can use right away in your day-to-day operations to avoid a full-blown lawsuit. Simply put, compliance often keeps you out of court. Get in touch with us for more details on exactly how.

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