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When expectations are clear between employer and employee then harmony ensues – – and boost your bottom line.

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Imagine that all employees are self-motivated, delivering top-level performances, and working efficiently with each other. This type of harmonious environment is not only achievable, but it is becoming essential to a company’s bottom line.

If you are like most Small Business Owners, you try to be fair and to do what is best for your company and your employees. After all, putting your business and its profits at risk is not part of your business model. However, your best may not automatically put you into HR compliance with state and federal employment laws.

What are you waiting for? You might reply with, “I’ll take care of that threat if and when it starts affecting me.” Put simply, the issues exist whether you want to admit it or not. You may already have a set of employee policies.  But, the problems begin when you think that once you have policies in place, it’s done. More than 80 percent of employee handbooks found in small businesses are out of date, include incorrect wording that is unenforceable or even illegal, are missing policies, or you may be using policies that don’t apply to your business. Thus, the absence of specific policies breeds inconsistency in management.

Following your own policies and procedures help keep employees from being confused about your expectations. Policies ensure that the proper procedure takes place for everyone, no employee can be treated differently.

How do strong and current policies affect your bottom line? Happy and successful employees are not only more productive but also, more likely to remain loyal and present on the job.  This maximizes efficiency and saves the company hundreds of thousands of dollars in rehiring and retraining costs.

Before you find yourself in legal trouble, get your handbook checked for:

  • legal compliance
  • missing policies, and
  • constant necessary updates.

No small business is the same and the dynamics need to be accounted for when drafting such policies and procedures. Dana Ball offers in-house training and help with developing policies, writing employee handbooks, and creating accountability systems to prevent violations from happening.

Dana provides timely and affordable, legal services to small businesses.  Get started today!