Small Business Checkup

HOW HEALTHY IS YOUR UTAH SMALL BUSINESS? The health of your Utah small business is a reflection of how well you manage all aspects of your company. Avoid problems by making smart decisions that [...]

Family Business: A Strategy for Success

Fifty percent of all American businesses are owned and run by families. There are some benefits associated with a family business, but there are also some pitfalls associated with undertaking a [...]

New Employee I-9 Form

Employer Alert: New Employee I-9 Form by January 22, 2017! Under the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 (“IRCA”), employers are required to verify the employment eligibility of new [...]

Independent Contractors vs. Employees

What’s the difference between hiring independent contractors and employees? The biggest difference is the trouble a small business owner can bring upon itself from the IRS and the Department of [...]

Overtime law delayed, now what?

Overtime law is delayed, so now what??  Last week on November 22, 2016, a federal judge in Texas, issued a preliminary injunction stopping the Department of Labor’s (“DOL”) new overtime [...]

Overtime law is DELAYED!

What now??  Check back next week for additional information on how you should proceed with the Overtime rule being delayed.

Avoid these Common FLSA Violations

Experts predict a record-breaking year for Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”) lawsuits and FLSA violations. First, thanks to the Department of Labor’s (“DOL”) new overtime rule, around 4.2 million [...]

Have You Talked to Your Employees Yet?

Have you talked to your employees yet about the OVERTIME law that changes on December 1?  Yes, I am referring to the Department of Labor’s (“DOL”) new overtime rule that increases the overtime [...]

How can a Small Business survive?

There are several reasons why a small business might close its doors. In the first 4 years of business, less than 20% of small businesses survive!  (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, BED).  The [...]

What!?! That new OVERTIME rule applies to me?

If you have employees then, YES, the new OVERTIME rule applies to you! Only 30 days until December 1, 2016, so you better jump on this.

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