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Setting up a legal entity like an LLC is the first step to protect your personal assets from liability issues. Never assume that you are immune from personal liability just because you have an LLC.  The courts have the power to "pierce the corporate veil" and put your personal assets at risk.  Once the LLC is formed then you are legally obligated to MAINTAIN the LLC.  In addition to other maintenance obligations, this Video and Download will show you what documents are necessary to prove the LLC deserves liability protection.

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Exactly what could possibly go wrong when you can't prove that you deserve liability protection because you have not kept accurate records separating you and the LLC.

By Watching The Video and Reviewing the Download You Will See What Documents Are Necessary to Protect an LLC And . . .

The single biggest thing that is putting your business at risk of liability and exposing your personal assets is failing to MAINTAIN the LLC.

How to figure out what steps are necessary to document and keep accurate records so you have the evidence you need in case you are sued.

Alarmingly, we see a lot of LLCs that were registered, but never provided an Operating Agreement, consent forms or any guidance on how to maintain the LLC from the risk of exposure due to a lawsuit or even a potential audit.  We include the documents necessary to prove your LLC deserves liability protection and decrease the risk of exposing your personal assets. What are you waiting for?

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