Do I Really Need an Operating Agreement?

If you have an LLC, then an Operating Agreement is critical, even if you are the only owner or if you have business partners.  Did you form your LLC online yourself or did you hire a non-lawyer to do it?  If either of these is true then, unfortunately, you probably don't even have an Operating Agreement or you got a template that was not prepared by an attorney.  This Free Guide on the Good VS. Bad with Operating Agreements will help you see why there's no substitute for an Operating Agreement tailored to your specific type of business and to your expectations.  

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Exactly what could possibly go wrong with no Operating Agreement, an old document that hasn't been updated, a free template found online, or with a template prepared by a non-lawyer.

What You're Going To Find Inside This Free Guide on the Good VS. Bad with Operating Agreememts

The single biggest thing that is putting your business at risk of liability is not maintaining the LLC with appropriate documentation that separates the individual owners from the entity.  It starts with an Operating Agreement.

How to figure out what steps are necessary to prepare a well-written Operating Agreement that is appropriate for your business.

An Operating Agreement will describe the terms and conditions the business owners must follow as Members, Managers, and Officers.  This ensures that all members know how decisions will be made and how things will go when certain events happen like the death of a member.  Lawsuits seeking to "pierce the corporate veil" and hold the members personally liable will be unsuccessful. What are you waiting for?

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Uncover Why a BAD Operating Agreement is Risky