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Lawsuits take your focus away from building the business, time consuming, cost money and time, and possible damage to business reputation.

Avoiding Legal Pitfalls means:

  1. Having appropriate plain language contracts
  2. Registration and maintenance of legal entities
  3. The importance of emails to create evidence if there’s a misunderstanding that could turn into a legal issue
  4. How response time sets the stage for a potential legal issue
  5. How to get the business ready to sell in the future
  6. Why training employees decrease litigation risk

How do you protect your business and avoid court?

Practical Legal Insights #1: Protect Your Business and Avoid Court

Unfortunately — and I say “unfortunately” because it is unfortunate — you need to operate your business as if anyone you come in contact with could be that one person who ends up filing a lawsuit against you. A lot of times it ends up being somebody that you probably would’ve thought, oh, that will never happen; not that person. But you have to operate as if anyone is that one person. Because I can guarantee you that through the life of your business, you will find yourself involved in a lawsuit at least once — breathe a sigh of relief — if not more than once.

Watch the full video to learn more.

How can I use email and text to protect my business?

Practical Legal Insights #2: Use Email and Text to Protect Your Business

Let’s say you have a customer who’s really upset and she ordered a product from you and it’s been delayed over and over again, and you need to make a phone call and have a conversation with her. So you do the phone call and figure stuff out, and now I’m asking you to send her a follow up email today — not tomorrow, not a week from now — because then that could turn into two weeks, a month, two months. You need to focus on getting that email off sometime today. It’s important for the timestamp.