Michael D. Esplin

I am a senior partner in the law firm of Esplin | Weight. Dana Ball practiced with our firm from 2006 until 2009. During the time Dana was with the firm, I had many opportunities to observe her representation of her clients and to consult with her on issues involving employment law involving my own clients. I always felt confident in referring clients to her and received many favorable comments from those clients about Dana’s representation. She was very successful in obtaining positive outcomes for her clients. When Dana decided to take a hiatus from law practice to raise her family, we felt the loss of her contribution to the firm and our clients. On several occasions since she left the practice I have attempted to convince her to return to the firm and have conveyed the fact that if Dana ever wanted to return we would welcome her. I fully endorse Dana as a competent, caring and experienced attorney and intend to use her as a referral source for my clients who need the type of services she is offering.

I had the opportunity to work with Dana for several years as we served together on the board of Noah Webster Academy, a charter school located in Orem, Utah. Dana is poised, professional, and a problem-solver. She handles problems with care and thoughtfulness, and uses her extensive knowledge of the law to provide the best solution possible. She was a tremendous asset to our board, and I can’t recommend Dana or her services highly enough!

Megan Gygi

I had the pleasure of working with Dana for several years at another company. I watched Dana lead the transformation of an organization. She was able to secure a credit line at the bank, reduce cost with vendors, increase employee satisfaction, organize and lead an organization in a rapid way. She does what she says she’s going to do and she follows through. She exhibits a high level of integrity. I would recommend anyone to do business with Dana Ball.

Ryan Westwood
Ryan Kirkham

I would highly recommend to anyone thinking of starting a business or for those that have already started a business, to engage the services of Dana. I’ve known Dana for a long time and have both observed and worked closely with Dana and find her skills and aptitude for all things small business-related to be remarkably unique and extremely helpful. Dana received early, invaluable training from being involved in a successful family business through her entire upbringing and I know she understands the nuances that come with a small family owned business. The training and education she received in that setting largely contributed to her excellent business intellect. I’ve counseled with Dana many times over the years on a variety of different issues and I always find Dana’s approach and advice refreshing and helpful as decisions need to be made. For anyone looking for a unique combination of creativity, business experience and legal background, Dana is a great fit and the reason I recommend her.