Get Your Questions Answered about Emergency Paid Leave.  


Dana Ball, Attorney

Are you a business owner still wondering what your obligations are now that the new Federal Emergency Paid FMLA and Sick Leave Act has passed?  How do tax credits work?  Join us to talk through your questions so you will be compliant!

is a former employment law judge, current employment law professor,  

and founder of the boutique law firm Employer-Lawyer, PLLC.

After graduating from BYU Law in 2003, Mr. Phillips began practicing in New York where he gained wide experience representing both business owners and employees. Over the past 17 years, he has successfully represented clients in 48 states (still looking for North Dakota and Rhode Island cases!).

In his current role as founder of Employer-Lawyer, he provides HR/legal consulting for small businesses located in Utah and the Western United States.

is a former litigation attorney who used to sue businesses.  Dana has   

seen too many good business owners end up in bad situations, so today she helps them avoid common legal mistakes that land them in court. 

In law school, Dana worked at the San Francisco office of the EEOC. Over the years, she has sued large and small companies handling employment and general business litigation matters. In 2010, Dana decided to leave the firm and stop litigating because she was frustrated by all the money and time wasted on messy lawsuits that could be prevented.  20 years of experience brings value and relief to small business owners with practical advice they can immediately implement into their day-to-day operations.

runs a multi-million dollar tax and accounting firm. He is a mastery level 

Profit First Professional, has a black belt in lean six sigma, and is a CPA. John has been teaching owners how to improve their cash flow for 10+ years and deeply cares about helping them get paid what they’re worth.

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