Regulatory compliance is a heavy burden on small businesses. Small businesses recognize the importance of limiting risk, but a surprising number of business owners neglect to understand the requirements they have under State and Federal law. Facing the compliance requirements head on will minimize workplace violations. When a violation occurs, it is harmful to everyone involved, including the Utah small business owner. Investigating and resolving complaints is costly. Internal conflict can lead to low morale and lower productivity. Damage done to your company’s reputation can be irreparable. Business owners can build goodwill and limit liability risk by taking proactive measures to prevent such violations.

When it comes to legal issues for small businesses, the overwhelming cost of fixing a problem outweighs the investment of doing it right from the start.  Entrepreneurs try to be fair and do what is best for their company and employees.  Putting your business and its profits at risk is not part of your business model.  However, your best may not be enough to avoid legal trouble.  Realize that no one is immune to lawsuits, so you must be as careful as possible.