Business Operations

Small business owners often find themselves overwhelmed with the immediate needs of running a business. Even though owners strive to fulfill their duties with professionalism and integrity, legal issues surrounding the business operations and structure can result in profound consequences to the well being of the business.  As a Utah small business attorney, Dana Ball can help you:

  • Create legal contracts that align with you and your business.
  • Look for what you “don’t know that you don’t know.”
  • Get your business set up right.
  • Be a smart employer and don’t let your human resources management take a back seat.
  • Having clear policies and procedures pays off the first time an employee issues arises.
  • Avoid pitfalls if things do not work out with a business partner.

Trusted Business Partner.  Hiring a business attorney as a member of your team is just smart.  Your attorney should add value to your business by protecting your business.  We aim to do just that!  When it comes to legal issues for small businesses, the overwhelming cost of fixing a problem outweighs the investment of doing it right from the start.