Keep the Job Interview Legal

The potential for liability at the interview stage in the hiring process is tremendous. Fair hiring laws are in place to give every candidate a fair shake in the job interview and selection [...]


Did you know that prior to the 19th century lawyers used to be paid by the word?  The more wordy the contract the more money the lawyer earned.  That explains a lot regarding why today “wordy” [...]

You Are Fired!

Hiring and retaining great employees in Utah is becoming challenging. Utah has such low unemployment rates and the state’s job market has become increasingly competitive. Small business owners [...]

The Bottom Line

When expectations are clear between employer and employee then harmony ensues – – and boost your bottom line.

Why Every Small Business Needs an Attorney

There are two professionals a small business needs: an accountant and a lawyer. The reasons for hiring an accountant may be obvious, but not so apparent as to why you need an attorney. A small [...]


I’m Dana Ball, Small Business Attorney. If you employ at least ONE person, you can be on the hook for wage and hour violations. Ignorance of the laws will not protect you.